Privacy policy

We appreciate your concerns and interest in the privacy of your data on the Internet and on our website.

This policy has been prepared to help you understand the nature of the data that we collect from you when you use our site and how we deal with this personal data.

By using our site, you agree to all the terms of the privacy policy and “conditions and the provisions” shown on our site, and you are obligated to accept all the conditions and items applied to you from entering the site.

The management of the website, according to the law regulating locally, and in accordance with the data protection laws approved by international organizations, are not to reveal any personal information about the user to our website such as the address, phone number, email address, and others.

Our website is obliged to not exchange, or to circulate any of that information or sell it to any other party as long as this is within the limits of the capabilities of the possible, and the information will not be allowed except for qualified and professional persons who supervise our site.

Evacuation responsibilaty :

The user acknowledges our website as the exclusive and only official on the nature of use of our site and the safety of the data and the information that it enters or provides to the, whether when registering or corresponding to us, and the management of the gives responsibility from every damage, leakage or imbalance that the user is exposed to as a result of using our site.

Cookies and third parties:

Our site may collect some data about you while you use your Cookies files or any other information that may help us improve our site services and improve its digital appearance, and for our use of Google Analytics service as a third party that may be assembled by a few information about you that Google determines on its page This – privacy policy.

External links and ads:

Our website includes links to other websites on the Internet and advertisements from advertising companies and we do not consider those responsible for data collection methods by those sites.

We may use advertising companies to third parties to display ads when you visit our site. These companies have the right to use information about your visits to our website (except for the name, address, email address or phone number), in order to provide ads about the services that interest you.

Protect your personal data:

We follow the financial, electronic, technical, technical and regulatory security measures, including governance forms to protect your personal data in accordance with the data protection law from unauthorized access, use, change, disclosure, or damage.

Our website does not provide a system of membership, but if we add it in the future, please note that it is not possible to guarantee the transfer of any data via the Internet or the website without any interference, you should always take appropriate measures to protect your personal data, especially by maintaining the password and its secret. If you know or have doubts that your account adopting data has been lost, stolen, disturbed or exposed to any other risks, or if there is any useless use of your account, please contact us.

If we know or have a reason to believe that your personal data has been hacked, we will immediately inform users affected by a breach in accordance with the applicable laws.

Information disclosure:

At all times, we will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all the personal data we get. This information will not be disclosed unless this is required under any law or judicial memorandum, and only when we believe in good faith that such a procedure will be required or desirable in order to walk with the law, or to defense or protect the property rights of this website or the bodies that benefit from it .

Our website content:

The visitor is obligated by all the conditions and items shown in the policy of privacy and in the terms of use, and he is committed to not use our site or its characteristics or anything that falls within its content in anything that contradicts Islamic law in any way, or for illegal purposes, for example, not limited to, such as: Piracy, publishing and distributing copying materials or programs, deception, forgery, fraud, threats, disturbing any person, company, group, or in spreading viruses, spy files, or setting links to sites containing such violations.

Violation / use of any part of our site as an image / video / link or anything else in an activity that violates intellectual property rights or distort the reputation of a person, institution or company or deliberately publishing any information that causes harm to a company, person, state or group Our site on any application or site that contains piracy materials and stolen programs and all that contradicts the norms and regulatory laws.

Amendments to the items:

We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and conditions of use without the need for your feeling, and changes in the items on this page will be considered as notice for every visitor who enters our site, so be sure to keep up with the reading of this page to learn with new changes.

Contact us :

You can contact us when needed through our email:, and you will need to do this process to enter your email and your name and a few other necessary information, and our website is obligated not to share the information entered with any party.

finally :

Your concerns and interest in the privacy of data is a very important issue for us. We hope that all your concerns will be dispelled and all your data are clarified through this page.

Privacy policy